[NiSi Filters] V7 (True Color NC CPL) - 100mm Filter holder kit

상품코드  V7TRNCK

요약설명   NiSi V7 with True Color® NC Polariser, holder for 3 slot-in filters (100mm wide, 2mm thick) and 1 True Color® NC CPL included. 

  • Compact design that allows easy removal of the ND in the first slot
  • Slides designed for easy insertion of the filters
  • Enhanced filter locking wheel mechanism
  • Fast and safe CPL installation
  • CNC machined single block of matte black coated aeronautical aluminium
  • The kit includes
    • Holder for 3 x 100mm filters and 1 x CPL (included),
    • 1 x 82mm main ring with polarising adjustment,
    • 1 x True Color NC CPL (removable),
    • 3 x adapter rings (67/72/77),
    • 1 x soft case
    • 1 x V7 Lens Cap
  • Patented technology to adjust the True Color® NC CPL filter (included) by means of the independent rotation of a gear
  • Polariser can also be adjusted after mounting the filters
  • High build quality and no mechanical vignetting at 15mm (even at 14mm with Nikon Z 14-30mm f/4 S) on Full Frame or 10 / 11mm on DX / APS-C

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